The health and safety advice line offers a broad range of health and safety compliance solutions.

FRS’s health and safety advice line exists to answer questions and give practical, trustworthy advice across the full range of health and safety compliance issues. We do this by employing a panel of professionals, each an expert in their field, who together are capable of offering definitive advice on all issues to do with health and safety, CDM, fire safety, first aid and training requirements.

Number of employeesAdvice Line costs
0 - 4£119
5 - 9£129
10 - 19£139
20 - 29£149
30 - 39£159
40 - 49£169
50 - 59£179
60 - 69£189
70 - 79£199
80 - 89£209
90 - 99£219
100 - 124£229
125 - 149£239
150 - 174£249
175 - 199£259
200 - 224£269
225 - 249£279
250 - 274£289
275 - 299£299
300 +P.O.A

The advice line will be available between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, to give advice by both telephone and email.

Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.
Minimum 12-month contract paid by Direct Debit.
We are happy to undertake any additional ad hoc work, day rates apply.
To find out more, call us on 01179 866397 or email us on
We also offer classroom-based training and e-learning courses.
Subscription to the advice line includes an annual review.

Health & Safety

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) does not tell you precisely what you can and cannot do at your workplace or in your business, what it does is give guidelines and then pass the buck over to you. The keyword in their approach is “appropriate” and what this means is that you, as an employer, are tasked to take or appoint someone to make appropriate decisions. That person, be it you or someone else has to be “competent” in making those appropriate decisions. If you appoint us as your “competent” person we can advise and keep you on track.

FRS can offer consultancy and training around your health & safety requirements, prepare relevant sections of tenders and documentation such as Risk Assessments or Health and Safety Policies. 

We can also provide checklists so that you can record statutory workplace inspections.

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    • Appoint a competent person
    • If employing five or more staff, produce health and safety policies and procedures
    • Display the health and safety at work poster
    • Carry out risk assessments
    • Hold open health and safety consultations with your employees
    • Provide first aid facilities
    • Provide welfare facilities
    • Free of charge, give your staff the health and safety training they need to do their job

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